Our knowledgeable Surveyors will help assist you from start to finish on any of your Surveying needs through the course of your project. By utilizing the latest technologies and procedures we are able to deliver to our clients reliable and accurate data.

We provide the professional surveying services necessary to build a project quickly and accurately. Our experience includes residential staking, public works projects, commercial & industrial properties, parks & trails, verification surveys, and roadway & infrastructure projects. In addition to construction surveying, we also offer mapping services and topographical surveys.

Site Planning & Construction Surveying

Site planning surveys are utilized to during the design phase of development projects. These services are often required for the permit application process. Once a construction project is green lit, construction staking is required in the early stages to locate structures on the property which includes walls, buildings, roads, and utilities. Staking provides construction personnel with directions for implementing the improvements shown on the development plans. A construction survey may also involve both horizontal and vertical grading in addition to an As-Built survey.

Tri-Core works with contractors, developers, trades, and local governments to provide construction staking & oversight to ensure projects are being built as they were intended. Our team utilizes the latest technologies to provide accurate and immediate data to our clients.

Working with our reliable team provides assurances and expedites the construction process. We work to identify any pitfalls during pre-construction and provide solutions so that projects can continue moving forward on schedule.

Tri-Core Surveying provides the following construction staking services includes:

  • Residential Staking
  • Public Works Projects
  • Commercial & Industrial Properties
  • Parks & Trails
  • Verification Surveys
  • Roadway & Infrastructure Projects

Maps & Legal Documents

The purpose of this type of survey is to support the client in any of their mapping needs.  Depending on the size and scope of the project a variety of Mapping options are available to suite any situation.

Tri-Core Surveying provides the following mapping services:

  • Parcel Maps, Vacation Maps, and Record of Surveys
  • Legal Descriptions & Exhibits
  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys
  • Encumbrance or Easement Maps
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Boundary Line Adjustment Surveys

Design & Topographical Services

This survey is utilized to during the early stages of development projects. The locations of both natural and man-made features on the property are located, including walls, buildings, roads, utilities, and ground elevations, and easements.

Tri-Core Surveying provides the following Topographical Mapping Services:

  • Design Surveys
  • Aerial Photogrammetry
  • Asbuilt Surveys

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