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Tri-Core Surveying, LLC was founded in 2005 with the vision of creating a Professional Surveying and Mapping Firm that focused on customer service and offered quality work with the staff flexibility, resources and commitment to meet the production needs of the most demanding projects and schedules.  Tri-Core Surveying remain true to the vision of offering clients the best Surveying Services possible by investing in leading-edge technology which enables us to collect, analyze and deliver information quickly and accurately.

Construction Surveying

Once a construction project is green lit, construction staking is required in order to layout all proposed features for the given project, including walls, buildings, roads, and utilities. Staking provides construction personnel with directions for implementing the improvements shown on Construction Plans.

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Maps & Legal Documents

The purpose of this type of survey is to support the client in any of their mapping needs.  Depending on the size and scope of the project a variety of Mapping options are available to suite any situation.

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Design & Topographical

This survey is utilized to during the early stages of development projects. The locations of both natural and man-made features on the property are located, including walls, buildings, roads, utilities, and ground elevations, and easements.

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